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Resolve your property and parenting matters in an amicable and cost-effective way.

You’ve separated from your partner; you’ve reached an agreement, whether by email, text or over a cup of coffee and now you need to make sure it’s watertight. 

Getting it drawn up legally is important because it prevents either party from reneging on the deal and offers a tax saving on property transfers. 

In most cases the best option is an application for consent orders. We can guide you through the process and help you separate as amicably as possible.

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Application for consent orders


We’ll review your agreement and advise you whether it’s fair and likely to be accepted by the Court. Then we’ll dot all of the i’s and cross the t’s to make sure it’s watertight.

Get started with a consultation ($385). We will credit the consultation fee toward the cost of consent orders.

Our fixed fee includes:

  • both property (financial) and parenting agreements, as you require;
  • arranging for you and your partner to sign the application and filing at the Court; and
  • giving you a copy of the orders published by the Court.

Our fixed fee excludes:

  • Court fee and title or company searches (charged at cost)

For full terms, read our PDS.

Consent Orders Review


We’ll review a draft application prepared by your partner or their lawyers, advise whether it’s fair and answer your questions.

If you need further advice or assistance, we’ll give you a written quote.

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With our practical advice and solutions you can minimise the misery and expense of separation.

We focus on resolution

Our services are tailor-made to help you resolve matters with your partner and stay out of Court. 

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We offer practical guidance at every step. We’ll help you navigate an amicable separation and protect your interests.

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We’ll anticipate your needs and exceed your expectations. Read what our clients say.

What is the process?

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    Arrange a consultation

    Telephone us on (08) 9220 4470 or book online to arrange your consultation.

    Please allow up to 45 minutes for the consultation.

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    Gather information

    We'll send you a list of the information we need from you. Gather the information and bring it with you to your consultation.

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    At your consultation

    We will discuss your agreement, advise whether it’s fair and answer your questions. After the consultation we will give you a fixed price quote.

  • 04

    Prepare your application

    We will prepare your application, arrange for you and your partner to sign it and file it at the Court.

  • Court Orders

    We will give you the orders as soon as they are published by the Court and offer to help you with your next steps.

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Consent orders are a written agreement that is approved by a court. The orders can cover agreements about property and parenting arrangements

Consent orders have the same legal effect as if they had been made by a judicial officer after a court hearing.

The Court’s power to make consent orders is discretionary. You must satisfy the Court that the agreement you and your former partner propose is fair and equitable.

If you are seeking parenting orders, you must satisfy the Court that adequate arrangements are in place for the care and support of the children.

If you were a de facto couple, you must also satisfy the Family Court that:

  • one of the parties is residing in Western Australia and did so for at least one third of the relationship; and
  • the relationship was of at least two years duration; or
  • you have made significant contributions to the relationship and failure to make the orders would result in serious injustice; or
  • you have a child of the relationship under age 18 years old and failure to make the orders would result in serious injustice to the party caring for the child.

You can apply for consent orders once you and your partner have separated. You do not need to be divorced to apply. Learn more about separation – visit Family law myths, busted.

Your partner is entitled to obtain independent legal advice, however this is not required. Nevertheless, your partner must be willing to sign the application and they may need to give written confirmation to the Court that they understand their entitlement to legal advice and have chosen not to seek it.

The Court provides an application form which requires background information about the parties and their financial circumstances. We will attach a document, known as a minute of consent orders, that sets out the terms of your agreement. Once signed by both parties, the application is lodged at the Court.

If the Court is satisfied the application is properly prepared and the agreement is just and equitable, they will make the orders without either party needing to appear in Court.

Our advertised fees are for straightforward applications. They do not include the Family Court filing fee or disbursements such as certificate of title searches which we charge at cost.

If your application is complex we will give you a quote for our services. For full terms see our Product Disclosure Statement.

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What our clients say

Good afternoon Virginia, just a brief note to thank you sincerely for the delightful manner in which you reacted with us yesterday. I know it’s not easy to talk and deal with matters relating to death, but you did so in a most professional way. Again, sincerely thank you, we’re most grateful.
Mr and Ms E
May 6, 2022
I was extremely satisfied and happy with the service provided by Virginia Romaines was at all times professional, supportive, empathetic, understanding, accommodating and clear. She made my legal experience comfortable and even enjoyable. Thank you for your support and very valuable advice.
Leith Mete
October 26, 2021
Excellent service. Cannot speak highly enough for your professionalism and expertise in dealing with my situation. Thank you so much for going above and beyond. Highly recommended.
Mr L
September 13, 2021
The process of land transfer was made easy by Virginia, I highly recommend her to anyone in the future!
Faith Chari
April 19, 2021
I was very happy with the efficiency of the completion of my consent orders and fully believe the same for the settlement of my home. Thank you so much.
Ms H
September 19, 2020
Melissa, thank you so much for all the help you’ve given me going through my divorce and property settlement.
Ms I
May 5, 2020

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