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Separation may have been painful, but getting divorced doesn't have to be.

By the time you’re ready to divorce, you’ve probably been through a lot. The good news is that getting divorced is usually straightforward.

We can help you get divorced quickly and painlessly so you can move on with your life.

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We’ll make your application for divorce easy and convenient.

Divorce on the spot


We will prepare your joint divorce application at one appointment and arrange for you and your spouse to sign it, file it at the Court and give you the order. Please allow 60 minutes for the appointment.

Our fixed fee excludes:

  • court filing fee of $940.

What to bring to the consultation:

  • your photo ID; and
  • your original marriage certificate, issued by an Australian registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. If your certificate is not issued by an Australian registry, apply here (for marriages registered in WA) or here (for marriages registered in Australia).

Sole application for divorce


We will prepare your sole divorce application, serve it on your spouse and attend the hearing.

Our fixed fee excludes:

  • court filing fee of $940.

What to bring to the consultation:

  • your photo ID; and
  • your original marriage certificate, issued by an Australian registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. If your certificate is not issued by an Australian registry, apply here (for marriages registered in WA) or here (for marriages registered in Australia).

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With our practical advice and solutions you can minimise the misery and expense of separation.

We focus on resolution

Our services are tailor-made to help you resolve matters with your partner and stay out of Court. 

We make it easy for you

We offer practical guidance at every step. We’ll help you navigate an amicable separation and protect your interests.

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We’ll anticipate your needs and exceed your expectations. Read what our clients say.

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We’re a tight-knit, multi-disciplinary team of lawyers, legal executives, accountants and software developers.  We’re also passionate community leaders, sportspeople, podcasters, musicians, parents… and proud that these interests inform our professional lives.

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Divorce, according to Australian law, means simply the dissolution of marriage.

Divorce does not cover other issues that may arise upon separation including:

These other matters are often resolved before you divorce. However, apart from making proper arrangements for your children, you don’t have to resolve them in order to obtain a divorce.

There is no legal requirement to divorce. You may remain separated but still legally married indefinitely– that is, until one partner dies or applies for a divorce. However, you must divorce before you can marry again.

You can make a sole application for divorce and serve the documents on your spouse. Your spouse will have the opportunity to object to the application. If the application is properly prepared and served and there is no objection, the Court will grant the divorce without the consent of your spouse.

The Family Court will generally require you to file a certificate to confirm you have had marriage counselling. Otherwise the application proceeds as usual.

As a general rule, you must be separated from your spouse for at least 12 months before you can apply for divorce. Learn more about separation – see Family law myths, busted.

You may be separated and still living under the same roof as a spouse, although the Court will require detailed evidence of these arrangements.

You may resume your relationship once for up to three months during the separation period but you must still have been separated for 12 months in total before you can apply.

You will need to satisfy the Court that proper arrangements have been made for all children who were treated by you and your spouse as a child of your family at the separation date and who are under 18. Your application should include details of those arrangements – such as housing, education, supervision and health.

You may apply for a divorce without a lawyer. You will need time to go to the Family Court and prepare the documents. Many people find it more convenient to have a lawyer do the work.

Our advertised fees are for straightforward applications. They do not include the Family Court of Western Australia filing fee. If your application is complex or if you require additional legal advice or assistance we will give you a quote for our services. For full terms see our Product Disclosure Statement.

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What our clients say

Good afternoon Virginia, just a brief note to thank you sincerely for the delightful manner in which you reacted with us yesterday. I know it’s not easy to talk and deal with matters relating to death, but you did so in a most professional way. Again, sincerely thank you, we’re most grateful.
Mr and Ms E
May 6, 2022
I was extremely satisfied and happy with the service provided by Virginia Romaines was at all times professional, supportive, empathetic, understanding, accommodating and clear. She made my legal experience comfortable and even enjoyable. Thank you for your support and very valuable advice.
Leith Mete
October 26, 2021
Excellent service. Cannot speak highly enough for your professionalism and expertise in dealing with my situation. Thank you so much for going above and beyond. Highly recommended.
Mr L
September 13, 2021
The process of land transfer was made easy by Virginia, I highly recommend her to anyone in the future!
Faith Chari
April 19, 2021
I was very happy with the efficiency of the completion of my consent orders and fully believe the same for the settlement of my home. Thank you so much.
Ms H
September 19, 2020
Melissa, thank you so much for all the help you’ve given me going through my divorce and property settlement.
Ms I
May 5, 2020

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