Consent orders – why use a lawyer?

Save time

The 23-page Application for Consent Orders (and accompanying 21-page kit) published by the Court takes time to read, digest, complete, sign and file at the Family Court. A lawyer familiar with these documents can speed up the process considerably. A properly drafted application is more likely to be accepted by the Court without requests for further information, which are a potentially time-consuming delay.

You’ll have the security of a professionally drawn document

An agreement formalising your financial separation may be one of the most important transactions in your life. A competent lawyer will ensure the application is prepared accurately, in a manner that gives effect to your wishes and protects your interests. A poorly drafted application may not be acceptable to the Court or, worse still, may itself become a source of conflict.

If your financial affairs are complex; for example, your settlement involves a business, company or family trust, you have multiple properties or mortgages or you are splitting superannuation funds, legal assistance is highly recommended.

Minimise conflict

Good lawyers look after your best interests while remaining dispassionate and objective. Many people find a benefit in this approach, in resolving the details of their financial and parenting settlement with their partner.

Let us take care of it for you

We offer a fixed price service for consent orders.


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