Our services are tailor-made to help you resolve your property and parenting matters in an amicable and cost-effective way.

Separation is usually a stressful and emotional experience, but with our practical advice and solutions you can minimise the misery and the expense. 

Resolution Family Law is for you if you and your partner wish to resolve property and parenting matters in an amicable and cost-effective way. Use our tailored suite of fixed-price services to:

  • get the right advice when you need it;
  • communicate and negotiate in a collaborative way;
  • formalise your agreement efficiently; and
  • carry out the things you have agreed upon, such as the change of home ownership.

Hear from the many happy clients we have helped to resolve their family law matters. We look forward to serving you.

Resolution Family Law is not for you if your matter cannot be resolved amicably or you need a lawyer to represent you in court.  In these situations you should contact our associates in other firms.

Resolution Family Law is a service of lawyers is a service of lawyers Birman & Ride. Our mission is to serve the community by making quality legal services accessible.

Family law has always been one of the firm’s core services. Historically, the firm represented clients both in and out of the Family Court in a wide range of matters concerning parenting, property and financial settlement, child support and maintenance. We continue to draw on this experience. In 2017, the firm remodelled its family law services around NewLaw ideals and its brand Resolution Family Law was born.

Michael Hodgkins


Meet our team

We’re a tight-knit, multi-disciplinary team of lawyers, legal executives, accountants and software developers.  We’re also passionate community leaders, sportspeople, podcasters, musicians, parents… and proud that these interests inform our professional lives.

Legal Practitioner Director
Michael has been practising law in Western Australia since 1997 and is an experienced lawyer in property law, family law and succession law. Michael has a strong base of knowledge and experience from assisting hundreds of clients in these……
Senior Associate
Lucy is a talented lawyer, business administrator and manager who leads the development of the firm’s consumer legal services, bringing together people, technology and processes to design and deliver innovative legal services. In the legal sphere, Lucy supervises the……
Ginny (Virginia) joined the Birman and Ride team in February 2021 and works in the firm’s Family Law team. Since being admitted in Western Australia, she has worked solely in family law, this has become a passion for her,……